One of the charms of the campsite is the lack of electricity.
This leads to a great sense of peace.
People say they never sleep better than at the camping.

Oil lamps provide light in the evenings.
We also use chinese lanterns and solar lamps.
We do have hot water, however, we couldn't live without that!

Our sanitairy facilities are as follows...
2 showers
3 handbasins
2 washing-up sinks
2 washtubs 
3 WC's
3 Urinals
3 Cold water points.

Le Shed...
We have a large chalet dedicated to the campers; as well as providing simple cooking facilities, Le Shed offers table tennis, snooker, baby football, board games, puzzles, a library, drawing desks, a banqueting table, arm chairs and even a solar powered plug for those still desperate to charge their phones! 

Play Caravan...
We also have a caravan for small children too; with toys, cars, lego, crayons and colouring books. Outside is a sandpit and baby bikes and trikes.

Campfires and company...
One the favourite activities on the campsite is making a campfire with your family after a long day on the beach. Sometimes familes come together for a glass of wine or a BBQ; the children baking bread and everyone melting marshmallows on sticks. To celebrate the coming and going of the campsite vistors, Judi often organises a big campfire party. It's a time to connect, meet new people, say goodbye to others. Sitting by the fire under the milkyway, with a cup of tea, glass of wine or local cider, this a time to exchange information, swap stories but most of all, it's a time to relax and enjoy your holiday.