There are lots of things to do on the campsite. There are 40 old and restored bikes to borrow. As well as all the activities in 'Le Shed' (see facilities page) outside we have swings, footballs, volleyballs, boules, badminton net with racquets and shuttlecocks, Swedish 'kubs' and sandpit. Downstairs, in the woods by the little river, is a romantic swing. Familes can collect sticks for the campfires, and in the stream they can make damns, which Judi spends weeks dismantling in the autum! We have fruit trees and hazlenuts and plenty of shade. Often we organise a large game of football, especilly if we can motivate the grown ups! Sometimes the children dress in 'work clothes' and paint the camping furniture to make the campsite more beautiful and original!

There is an old 'Bureau' caravan with lots of information about the local area and activities.
There is an old washing machine (hand turned to pressurise!) and two large washing sinks which double as baby baths. We have hammocks, sometimes 'tractor' rides on the old lawnmower and plenty of work for anyone who is bored. Just ask Judi and she'll find you a task!


There are many trails and cycle paths all over Brittany, the most famous being the voie verte that is 5km from the campsite. Walkers use the GR380 from Morlaix. Wind-surfing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, body boarding and canoeing can all be found within 20km.

There are walks up to the village through wooded paths, we call it 'Arthur's way'. You can make a circuit and come back through the forest. It’s about 3km. Further afield, near Lannion is the Village Galois with ancient toys to play with like 'Tintin' and you can make coins and other delights. Also near Lannion is a gentle walk through the woods of the Centre de Decouverte de Son which has instruments made from natural materials like drums from hollow trunks and water dropping on tins. Adventure playgrounds abound; the nearest is at Penze. There is a zoo at the Granite Rose (1.5 hr drive). There is horse riding on the Monts D'arree. It's hard to be bored in North Finisterre.