Welcome to Camping des Bruyères

"Gloriously isolated. Utterly peaceful. Heaven" The Guardian

Camping des Bruyères is a small, secluded and picturesque campsite set in the wooded hills of the Monts D'arree. Only 40 minutes from Roscoff, it's ideal for ferry travellers. It's central to many famous Breton monuments, churches, walks, nature reserves and coastline.

"Gloriously isolated. Utterly peaceful. Heaven." The Guardian

We have generous spaces, a child-safe stream, oil lamps, campfires, children's bikes, games, barbecues and free hot showers. English is spoken in this relaxing paradise. Though we can speak French too. And muddle through Dutch. We have a lot of Dutch campers which I'm told is a sign we're doing things right!  We have 'fire-places' provided to build bbqs, sometimes communal and sometimes individual depending on the site. There are 30 lovingly restored bikes to choose from. Toddlers bikes to BMXs and on to adult size. Children borrow them to ride around the camping or to buy bread and criossants at the village shop with their parents. It's a 10 minute stroll to the village, which has a garage and a small church, a boulangerie/epicerie/bar and sometimes creperie (all in one!) The post office is in the Mairie - there is a sometimes open library.

At night the campsite is lit up with oil lamps, solar lamps and the Milky Way. It's fun without electricity sitting around the campfires telling stories. If it rains we have a large communal shed with simple cooking facilities, relax area, table tennis, snooker, babyfoot, jugsaws, books and solar charging for mobile phones.


Hello, My name is Judi Peate and I'd like to welcome you personally to Des Bruyeres.
I have run this little camping for 28 years now. A lot has changed in the outside world
since I started this place in 1991, but not much has changed on the camping. We still
pride ourselves in having no electricity, and surviving very comfortably on just the bare
mininum, it's what makes us unique. People often ask me why I bought it, I didn't really
choose it, it chose me. I too was holidaying here and became intrigued with the land. 
The old rocks in the centre, a prehistoric tomb where all the lay lines meet, they give off 
a natural peace.  People say they never sleep as well as they do at Des Bruyeres. 
I have always treated this place as a holiday rather than a business. It's my playtime.
We've had thousands of visitors over the years, and 100's of them return year after year.
Some familes come with their children and 20 years later the children return with their
children, and so the cycle continues...